Shoppy Discord Bot

Integrate Shoppy into your Discord and get new customers

If you own a shoppy/sellix store and a discord server this bot is the right choice for you

  • Boost and manage your sales
  • Attract new customer
  • Create an awesome experience for your customers
  • Make more money
  • Instantly replace customers with just one command
  • Bring your shoppy/sellix store to a whole new level
  • Easy and convenient


  • /stock: Displays the stock of your Store
  • /verify order_id: Users can gain a customer role with this command
  • /checkorder order_id: Information about an order
  • /replace order_id number: Replaces a customer from the stock
  • Restock notifications

Try the demo on our official Discord Server:

Setup You need to host the bot yourself. Our trained team can help you with the setup or do it for you. Just open a ticket!